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Our Story

Hi guys :)

how we came to create our line of exceptional skin care products?. We want to start by thanking you all for the support and feedback from using our product and continue to support us so we can keep bringing you the best skin care/aftercare products in the tattooing industry.

Just over a year ago as a team of tattoo artists with over
10 years experience decided that the balms and ointments we used daily and what we offered our clients were not meeting ours or their needs. We required products that assisted us in our craft. We wanted our product, above all to give our clients the best possible care while being tattooed and to give them aftercare advice and a product that will care for and soothe their new tattoos and heal quickly and comfortably.

We found that most products on offer contained ingredients that were unnatural,  included toxins and oils that were very harmful to the environment and sourced in a particularly unsustainable way.

A lot of the time we found they didn't do anything to
assist in the healing process or nourish and provide the skin with the essential vitamins to promote good healing nor did the aftercare let the new tattoo breathe resulting in loss of colour and long healing times.

Over a period of two years, we strived to change this. We successfully sourced the best possible natural and organic kinds of butter and oils and fused them together to give the No 1 go to aftercare for your new art. We built a relationship with the UK's number 1 distributor and farmers of these natural oils and butter who share our vision of giving our clients a
luxury, affordable and truly amazing aftercare solution but still using highly sustainable, organic and natural ingredients.

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