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Ink of Coco - Supreme

Bringing you our very best aftercare for all skin types

for both Black and Grey and colour tattoos.

Combining organic, raw and unrefined Cocoa and Shea butter with added natural cocoa essence.

 Hand made by double boiling the butter then cold cure at 3 degrees for 12 hours to give you a soft sweet smelling butter that heals tattoos quickly.  Amazing smell

Perfect for all type of tattoos including SPMU and PMU


Ink of Coco -  Assist range

Our feather in the crown! Assist is an ointment to be used to assist in the craft of Tattooing.

Fusing RSPO Certified Palm butter, Cocoa butter ,Golden Jojoba oil and Macadamia nut oil giving you a soft smooth orange ointment with a woodland scent.

  • ZERO clogging of needle tips

  • ZERO removal of stencils during tattooing

  • Assists in Ink-flow and smoothing of ink tones

ink of coco laser Final 2 copy.png

Ink of Coco - Laser

The sister aftercare to ink of coco supreme. This is specially crafted for the tattoo removal industry.

Boiled only once and chilled at 5 degrees to give the softest balm for use during and after laser tattoo treatments. Perfect to soothe and Calm laser removed tattoos.

Some natural and organic ingredients and of course the signature smell of cocoa butter :)


Ink of Coco - Dynami  

Our unique and newest addition to the range.  Ink of Coco Dynamic the first totally natural and organic sun protection for tattoos

Created with a fine raspberry seed oil and our signature Cocoa butter with added Jojoba Oil it can enhance old tattoos by adding vitamins to the skin.

Please allow 3 weeks after a new tattoo to apply


Ink of coco assist - frost


Our greatest creation just got BETTER!!

Ink of Coco Assist Frost is the same unique process butter for artists but has a natural anaesthetic within the balm.


When used while tattooing it gives a noticeable cooling sensation on the skin, easing pain and helping the client sit more comfortable. By using Assist Frost just before the tattoo is wrapped, pain is significantly reduced and greatly eases discomfort.

Created with RSPO Certified Palm oil, our signature Cocoa butter and added Jojoba Oil it can enhance old tattoos by adding vitamins to the skin.

A truly unique product :)


Ink of coco frostbite- Soothing soap


Part of our frost soothing range comes our FROSTBITE soap and eco refills. Made from all natural and organic ingredients and our unique crystal that has amazing antiseptic and anti - inflammatory properties.

This soap is PH neutral and perfect for any skin types and can be used before, during and after tattooing with a beautiful scent. Our refills are great value for money giving 5 refills of your applicator reducing the disposal of once used plastics.

magma bond.png

Ink of coco - MAGNABOND

Bringing you a super concentrated stencil solution that not only gives you a super crisp stencil from just a tiny amount of product but stays! Leave the stencil to dry for 30 seconds after application, and it will BOND to the skin. And when you use our assist process butter we guarantee no loss of stencil even for the longest sittings.

Contains zero chemicals and is vegan and cruelty-free

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