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Great to finally release our newest product MAGNA BOND Vegan.


We try to make products to help the artist not make them spend or produce more waste. So after months of lab time we have produced a stencil gel which we can guarantee will last twice as long as other brands.


Our 200ml recyclable Bio-Plastic container houses our super concentrated stencil formula which contains only 3 ingredients. It has no colour or scent but we believe holds your stencil on like no other.


Designed to spread easier over the skin with no "soaked" feeling. The gel spreads far with no residue.


Apply a small amount and glase over the area place your design down and press hard, after ten seconds remove the thermal paper and leave to set for 5 mins for a long lasting, crisp stencil.


Available from the 7th of October and on sale until the end of the month!


As we are against plastics we will also be offering ECO REFILLS at a later date!

NEW Ink of Coco - MAGNA BOND Stencil Gel - 450ml

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