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Pack Contains


4 x 150ml Assist Process Butters (RRP £12.99)

20 x 50ml Ink of Coco Supreme Aftercare tins (RRP £9.99 each)

20 x 15ml Ink of Coco Supreme Aftercare tins (RRP £4.99 each)

Recylcable large display stand (RRP £9.99)


This pack can provide a excellent seperate income while providing your clients with the finest aftercare avaliable on the market today.


We have tests that prove using the aftercare halfs the usual healing times. Using the assist while tattooing reduces redness and significantly cools and soothes


All products are Natural, Organic and Vegan. Zero plastics and Cruely free. A percentage goes to the WWF World Wildlife Federation Protection Scheme.


Large Studio Aftercare Reseller Pack